Community Over Competition

Community Over Competition

In the small shop world we hear the phrase, "Community Over Competition" used over and over. Unfortunately a lot of the times it is just lip service, parading as a shop owner with a good attitude and the pride and know how to not compare herself to the competition.

When I first started Happy Harvest Bow Co it was simply because I found some fabric that was sold out of a bow shop that I really wanted. Then it morphed into 'Okay, I love being creative... can I share this with others?' And then I experienced the ugly, nasty, and mean side of the small shop world. These women from HUGE shops with tens of thousands of followers were sending me nasty messages and blocking me from their groups simply because I had a group selling ready to ship bows with less than 100 followers in my group. At that point, I had not intention of creating a business, this was strictly a hobby.

Shortly after that experience, after the crying and after the fear, I said SCREW THIS and I made it a mission to create a group with followers who were interested in spreading love and light... in creating a group that didn't have cliques or favorites... but a true community of women loving each other and fixing each others crowns.

Today, a little over a year later I have a close knit group of a little over 4,000 women whom I love. Their kindness and grace is astounding.I am a better person for knowing each and every one of them. (Yes, even you if you're here for the wrong reasons.)

Community over competition means supporting those in your field; that doesn't mean you have to follow them - in fact I would encourage you not to because comparison is the thief of joy. You can however, cheer them on from the sidelines, wish them well, and focus on your own journey.



Where is your journey currently taking you? Who are you cheering on? Are you comparing your beginning to someone else's middle? 


Love and light to you all. 

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    Well spoken 👏🏻

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