Evie Grace


Now Offering:

Happy Harvest Bows + Clothes is excited to announce that we are now offering wraps and knots for Minikane and Miniland dolls. We are able to accommodate other doll sizes as well. 
Keep an eye out for our new doll clothing which is coming soon!


To me, this isn’t just a bow’s a wonderful community of other bow lovers who lift up each other and are always there when you need a helping hand. 

Natasha F.

The bows and clothing are so fun an unique! We have a funky style, and it’s perfect for us. 

Sam W.

Not only is everything we receive great quality, but the customer service is the best...Megan puts her heart into each bow and it shows. 

Erica C.

You won’t regret your HHBC purchases! You’ll definitely come back soon for more. Highly recommend!

Ashley B

Meet the Owner

Chances are if you’re here on this page, you’re a small shop lover who enjoys trendy clothes and accessories for your fabulous kiddos. But even fashionistas have to rock a budget! And HHBC is the perfect place to find those trends at a reasonable price! 
When you find the perfect small shop to support, one of the most exciting aspects is joining the fellowship  and sharing pictures and the most cherished part of your lives (your kids!!!) with this community. 
When I, Megan Hoffman, created Happy Harvest Bows + Clothes it was because too often other bow communities I joined didn’t feel like the right fit. My ultimate goal was to provide a shared space for moms to buy a quality product at an affordable price with other moms who were like-minded; a place where community was valued over competition, a place where the focus was to build others up, a space where kindness and inclusivity were wildly important- a home. 
Our hope is that when you join this community that you feel accepted, included, and valued. Our goal is that you come for the reasonably priced bows and clothes and that you stay for the fellowship of friends. 
My partner Geoff and I have been together for over ten years. We are a mother and father of two: Evelyn Harvest, age two and Walter Richard, our new addition and just a few weeks old.
We would love to get to know you and hear your story. Thank you for taking the time to read our story. I hope you can sense our level of commitment to family, business, and community. We look forward to you joining our Facebook family and getting to know you better.